The UK is sitting on a time bomb of obesity, diabetes, poor dental health and other medical problems, which is being fuelled by sugary soft drinks.

The Hudson Group aims to diffuse this threat by working with individuals and organisations involved in or interested in the soft drinks industry to make healthier options more common and more accessible.

Our battle starts with The Hudson Summit, chaired by Keith Vaz MP on May 25th at the House of Commons. We’re asking national retailers, manufacturers and industry stakeholders to debate whether  a new VAT rate of 5% on drinks that are low in sugar, sweeteners and additives is achievable. We also want them to consider and debate a kite mark scheme, identifying those healthy drinks and to investigate whether they could be given more prominence inside high street stores.

If you’re involved in retail, the soft drinks industry or the health sector – or even if you’re just a concerned parent – please have a look round this site and contact us to tell us your view. Read more about The Hudson Pledge here.